Withdrawal at Home


Home Picking with delivery of the report just 15.00 Euros With Servzio Withdrawals Domiciliari Pharmamedic you can book online, by mail or by contacting our call center

You will discover numerous advantages:

Do not you have to go to the laboratory for Withdrawal You do not bring to you in the lab for Withdrawal You do not have to waste time looking for parking You do not have to queue at the bar We can send your reports to the doctor or specialist Print the scoresheet at home at any time Store the report on your computer to always archive your report in your briefcase Cliica on Line if affiliated to the Service Card Pharmamedic A gratutito withdrawal by the affiliates to Service Card PharmamedGli blood tests are needed to monitor the health of your body and it is important to maintain it with a certain regularity; Unfortunately, it often happens that the waiting lists in public hospitals are also very long and that some patients, especially the elderly, are unable to undertake long and difficult journeys.

haematological Withdrawal home

To overcome these and other logistical problems and shifting the center offers a blood test service and home clinical specimens; highly qualified medical staff and nurses with the most modern equipment goes to the patient's home to carry out blood tests that the patient needs.

The haematological pickup service is provided in a fast and professional and without the long waiting lists of local public facilities.

To request the intervention of nurses, you must have dell'impegnativa doctor, then just contact the center by a family member or someone you trust, or just call the center home reservations.

The operators will agree on the needs and the patient needs to fix a day for the taking. The samples, once back in the medical facility, will be subjected to laboratory analysis conducted by professional biologists and countersigned by specialists.

The reports can be collected by written proxy, by other people, or sent to the patient via various means respecting the privacy regarding medical doctor. The center offers, in addition to the home collection service, the possibility to book various clinical investigations.

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