For the sick, the elderly and the disabled, summer is a difficult time. In case of non self-sufficiency or serious pathology, in fact, these people are forced to stay at home, perhaps enticed and with the constant need to be assisted 24 hours on 24. Fortunately, today there are carers, now essential in supporting the families with elderly and sick people at home.

Yet even carers, as workers and human beings, are entitled to rest and vacation. The summer, therefore, if on the one hand allows the caregivers to enjoy a well-deserved break and vacation, on the other hand risks giving the elderly and the sick assisted moments of difficulty and solitude. That's why, before the summer arrives and before sending your caregiver on vacation, it's better to find a replacement caregiver. With Pharmamedic, finding a qualified person to replace your caregiver on vacation has never been easier. The caregiver replacement service is available for all families who have a loved one to watch and care for and who temporarily can not take advantage of the services of their absent caregiver for holidays. The replacement caregiver, in fact, will take the place of that on vacation to care for your loved one and to cope with all the problems of managing the person and the home.

The caregiver replacement service can be requested without commitment to the Pharmamedic center (Pharmamedic link), calling our toll free number 800 41 26 40. If, however, you want to be contacted, you can fill out our online form with your data (insert link page pharmamedic in the word form). During the summer period there is also a home care service for sick and disabled elderly people. In fact, the latter, in the summer, need more to be looked after continuously.

For this reason we guarantee continuity of care and telephone availability 24 hours a day. Our home care services for the elderly, sick and disabled are available all year round, in order to offer qualified and safe support for the needs of the patient and his patients. family members even during summer and holidays. Furthermore, during the summer, the same services can also be supplemented by the caregiver replacement service. Contact us and we will find, for you, the most qualified operators and operators, prepared and suitable to take care of your loved ones. Request without obligation all the information you need.

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