With Pharmamedic you can also request assistance services for patients in nursing homes, Rsa and day care centers. As we also specialize in home care for the elderly and the disabled, we are also able to recommend the most suitable assistance service for the patient's needs and clinical conditions. The level of assistance varies depending on the type of structure in which the elderly person is hosted or admitted. That's why it's important to understand the difference between nursing home, RSA and day care center. The nomenclature just described describes different welfare structures with different types of services. The nursing homes, also called residences for the elderly, homes or holiday homes for the elderly, welcome elderly people with a minor self-sufficiency.

The nursing homes offer the elderly hospitality and day and night assistance, involving them also in recreational activities. Similar to retirement homes, it is also housing communities, which are always home to non self-sufficient elderly people with a slight degree, but with fewer places than nursing homes. In fact, the latter can host up to 120 people, while the accommodation communities can only accommodate 12 seniors. Day centers, on the other hand, are aggregation centers that are always suitable for elderly people with mild or moderate self-sufficiency and where guests can stay only during the day. This type of structure is useful for families who, for work commitments, can assist their elderly relative only in the evening hours. The RSA, or care residential homes, are structures that host elderly people with medium or severe self-sufficiency, but no longer treatable or manageable through hospitalization. The assistance within the RSA is therefore more aimed at medical, nursing and health treatments, as well as purely socio-assistance.

In all cases and in all types of structures, the Pharmamedic Center is able to offer you a dedicated and continuous assistance, with staff prepared to face and manage all the needs of the elderly: from personal hygiene to social life and community within the structure, up to support for the intake of drugs or for therapeutic and rehabilitation treatments prescribed by the doctor. Our operators can also integrate the care services of the facility if these are not specifically available for the clinical conditions of a particular elderly person. Suffice it to think of subjects who suffer from motor difficulties and who need continuous rehabilitation treatments even at the facility where they are housed.

In this case, the support of an external healthcare professional becomes fundamental, both to ensure continuity of care and for the well-being of the elderly. Our assistance services in remedies, RSA and day care centers include all types of services typical of these same structures, but with an eye to the specific needs of the elderly person. In this way, the elderly person will be able to count on integrated healthcare and aimed at the exclusive well-being of the person and the protection of his health.

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