The physiatrist is a physician experienced in the rehabilitation of patients affected by disabling illness or trauma. Specialized in physical and rehabilitative medicine, this doctor deals with all rehabilitative treatments to restore the neurological and musculoskeletal functions compromised by various diseases. The physiatrist can act alone or in a team, both in the clinic and at home. At the Pharmamedic center you can also book a visit to the home physiatrist. In this way, the cycles of treatment of patients unable to move into the clinics can be facilitated. The physiatrist is an interdisciplinary figure who is also involved in diagnosing and evaluating the patient's clinical condition and advising on the most appropriate clinical examinations and treatments. This operator can also prescribe the use of prostheses and aids aimed at physical rehabilitation of the patient and can give correct instructions on their use.

The home physiatrist's intervention is particularly useful in case of pathologies that involve anatomic deficits or functional deviations of the nervous system or of the musculoskeletal apparatus. The motor autonomy of the person may in fact be compromised in the following pathologies: after-effects and outcomes of trauma and fractures, cerebral strokes, rachialgia, scoliosis, Parkinson's disease, ALS and dementias. The visit of the home physiatrist can be requested from the local health authorities of their territory of residence, if the service is available and if the waiting lists are very short. Otherwise, you can go to private centers such as Pharmamedic, where you can find various home health care services, including physiatrics. To request a preliminary visit from the physiatrist to domicilioserve the prescription of the general practitioner or specialist. For the ASL application, the prescription must be written by the general practitioner or by the specialist who has an agreement with the National Health Service.

In case of request to the public facilities, waiting lists for the visit of the home physiatrist vary according to the patient's urgency and clinical conditions. However, urgent cases must be reported in the doctor's prescription and in the request to be sent to public or private centers. With Pharmamedic, thanks to our widespread presence on the territory, you can get a home physiatric visit without waiting lists. The medical and rehabilitative intervention of the home physiatrist is divided into the following phases: diagnosis, medical history, general objective examination, specialist examination, laboratory and instrumental examinations. These phases are part of the so-called evaluation intervention that will allow to plan the most suitable treatments for the full physical and functional rehabilitation of the patient.

Only after diagnosis can one establish whether the patient needs pharmacological or physiotherapeutic treatment. There are similar symptoms also for different diseases, such as low back pain. The latter may be due to problems with the spine or a lumbar aortic aneurysm. In the latter case, the surgery will be necessary, while in the anatomical and functional deviations of the musculoskeletal systems a specific program of physiotherapy and motor rehabilitation can be prescribed.

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