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Scientific research


Scientific research aims to improve the quality of life. For each result achieved corresponds not only the most useful and innovative solution to a scientific question, but also a new hope for those who suffer, new perspectives of a better life that affect the family, the world of work, the whole society.

Scientific progress is not fed without research. This is why the Umberto Veronesi Foundation invests energy, funds and shares important initiatives with authoritative scholars that can open the doors to the future. It does so by supporting the most advanced projects and by offering research grants (Young Investigator Program and research grants funded by IPSEN) to young doctors and scientists, through the annual publication of open calls to all.


  • Prevention Prevention is the major challenge for the Veronesi Foundation, especially against two big killers of cancer diseases, breast cancer, the main cause of mortality for the female population, and the lung cancer, which alone causes 20% of deaths in the male population in industrialized countries.

  • By educating about prevention, the Foundation's goal is to encourage people to abandon incorrect lifestyles, actively contributing to their health. In addition to increasingly targeted and careful information, also through the new portal, the Foundation promotes the importance of early diagnosis, a series of clinical control tests to be regularly monitored to identify the presence of the disease in advance and to intervene timely with appropriate care.