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PatientPoint de serviceProfessional

  • Home health assistance.
  • Medical attention or visits to the clinic.
  • Delivery of medicines at home.
  • Diagnostic guidance for any pathology. (gratuitous)
  • You can access your medical record online.
  • You can take advantage of many discounts for the purchase of visits or instrumental and laboratory tests and, fit you activate a Premiere Account, you will get additional discounts that go from 20% to 50% and discount coupons that you can spend in our Service Points or with all our professionals.
  • View your medical records, managed remotely, from your doctor of choice.
  • Geolocation of your point of services.
  • Manage medical records online in a more convenient and simple way.
  • Use means of collection more comfortable, fast and safe thanks to the ows cryptocurrency that has the Pharmamedic platform.
  • Find suppliers of supplies or buy materials in a more comfortable way.

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