Air transport is a service that is used to transport patients, in Italy and abroad, in critical conditions or with partial disability or difficulty in walking. This mode of transport is carried out with aircraft equipped with equipment and medical and health personnel. In the case of a scheduled flight, one speaks of air escort, while, in the case of a private flight, one speaks of an ambulance and an ambulance plane. The choice of one of the three different modes of transport depends on the patient's clinical condition and the costs to be faced for the same air transport service.

Generally, it is believed that airfreight on scheduled flights is less expensive, whereas in reality, thanks to the increase in competition, the costs of transport by air ambulance and ambulance have also progressively lowered. The ambulance plane guarantees comfort and assistance even to critically ill patients. This means of transport, equipped with stretcher and specific medical equipment, is used for long distances and is able to travel at the speed of airliners.

The ambulance, always equipped with sanitary equipment and dedicated medical and nursing staff, is instead used for short journeys and for the transport of both patients in critical conditions and non-critical patients. This mode of transport is often used to reach hospitals located in mountainous areas or inaccessible through land transport. As already mentioned, the choice of the three modes of medical air transport depends on the patient's condition, costs and destination. In the case of long journeys, especially for transfers abroad or in places of Italy too far from one's own region, it is convenient to choose the airline flight on a scheduled flight or the private ambulance plane.

The latter can be considered a better solution than the scheduled flight, which, usually, is more crowded and less comfortable for the sick person or in critical conditions. However, comfort also depends on the type of medical and health personnel assisting the patient. Our air transport health services provide highly qualified medical and health personnel and all the necessary medical equipment for the patient's condition, such as a defibrillator, stretcher, oxygen supply and drug supplies. Medical and health equipment is provided and used to treat even very serious patients who need treatment and intensive care. Moreover, without additional costs, some flights allow the patient to be accompanied by a family member and to bring on board any baggage.

For reasons of space, this accompaniment possibility may not be available in ambulance transport. With our medical air transport service in Italy and abroad, the patient is assisted throughout the transportation by an anesthesiologist and a nurse. The on-board equipment also ensures safety and comfort to the patient, even in critical conditions.

The aeroambulance is also equipped with 2 stretchers that allow, therefore, in case of need, the transport of 2 patients. The height of the cabin is 146 cm. approximately, while the cruising speed is around 790 Km / h.

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