Nursing care services are essential in all cases of hospital discharge, disabling illness and treatment cycle. They are useful both for serious patients with the possibility of recovery and for those in the terminal phase. Large diseases or long-term illnesses, as they are commonly defined, cause long periods of stay in bed. The patient bedded for a long time tends to develop bedsores. These wounds, caused by the maceration of the skin in contact with the mattress, must be properly treated and cleaned to avoid infections. A seriously ill patient, and bedridden at home, also needs long treatment, often administered only intravenously. Whether it is a drip or bedsores or a simple blood sample to be delivered to the laboratory for further tests and diagnostic checks, it is necessary to turn to experienced and trained nurses.

Nursing services are provided at home only by a team of specialized and referenced nurses ready to take care of all the patient's health needs. Nursing services include not only home care, but also assisted patient transport with ambulance or ambulance. Included in the service, even cleaning, such as a complete bath in bed, and nutrition, which, for a bedfed patient, can also be administered via a gastric probe. The probe, being a medical-surgical device, can and must be applied only by an experienced nurse. The foods to be inserted in the probe certainly do not have the shape of those that are eaten every day.

Therefore, also the insertion of meals in the gastric probe must be carried out by the nurses. Patients who have undergone major surgery may also need constant cleaning and wound dressing. Sometimes, the enticed patient must also be helped to breathe by removing and aspirating the secretions produced by the upper respiratory tract. The interventions, therefore, vary according to the type of pathology and the course of the clinical condition. In all the cases described above, it is possible to resort to nursing support services at home or transport at public and private facilities.

Here is a summary of all the interventions provided by our nursing services:

  • Treatment of bedsores, drip, catheters,

  • Cannula needle insertion and administration of phlebos without surveillance

  • Administration of venous medicines with syringe

  • Positioning of a permanent bladder catheter

  • Instincts or bladder irrigations

  • Vaginal irrigations

  • Enema

  • Enema with faecal extraction

  • Rectal rinsing

  • Maintenance of tracheostomy tubes

  • Suction secreted first respiratory tract

  • Positioning of a gastric probe for feeding

  • Preparation and administration of food to be taken by gastric probe

  • Simple bandage

  • Manipulations and drainage control

  • Simple dressing

  • Prevention visits for bedsores

  • Application and control of negative pressure systems for the resolution of sores

  • Hygienic care with full bath in bed

  • Hygienic care with shower

  • Therapeutic and medical baths

  • Assisted transport of a patient with an ambulance

  • Assisted transport of a patient with an ambulance

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