For all the needs of transport and displacement of elderly, sick or disabled people, a medical taxi service is also available. This service, also called "assisted accompaniment", allows you to transport sick people, in old age and not self-sufficient, from the home to the place of care and vice versa. The service also serves to accompany patients to places where they have to perform diagnostic tests, specialist and control visits. In addition to transport, the presence of a companion may also be provided. The health taxi is a vehicle that has all the functions and accessories useful for the comfort and mobility of the elderly, the sick and the disabled.

This service is necessary when it is not possible to use the ambulance. The latter in fact intervenes in emergencies and urgent transfers to the emergency room, but in the case of chronic diseases that must be constantly monitored and monitored, a different means of transport must be used. Generally you could use the family car, but this is not always available, either because of family commitments, or because of the lack of suitable places to accommodate people with particular disabilities or difficulty of movement. In this sense, the health taxi is the best solution for both the patient and his family. Transportation to places of care, especially for the elderly, the sick and the disabled, should not be a calvary or a fatigue, but a relaxing support for the patient's medical and health needs. The health taxi, in fact, is useful for the following trips: medical visits, rehabilitative or curative treatments, dialysis, transfers in the integrated day centers and transfers of a private nature. This service, available every day, including holidays, can also be used in case of temporary motor difficulties.

The Pharmamedic service center offers health taxi services for transporting the elderly, the sick, the disabled and for all those who need it: elderly, sick, disabled or temporarily unable to carry out certain daily actions. Our home and hospital care network is made up of qualified Agencies to fulfill social assistance, healthcare and health taxi requests for elderly, sick and disabled transport from patients and families throughout Italy.

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