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Did it ever happen to have some kind of heart problem, but not to be able to bring to you at a specialized structure to determine your state of health? Contact us and an expert in ORIENTATION HEALTH give you free of charge all the advice for better service. To book your home electrocardiogram you just your dashboard or send us a message buy button CONTACT US or contact the nearest This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Do not you have to go to a Clinic for an ECG and Holter and you are not going twice. Do not you have to go in the Outpatient Clinic for the track retreat. You do not have to waste time looking for parking. You do not have to queue at the counter. We can send your reports to the attending physician or specialist. You can print the report at home at any time. Keep the report to your computer forever. Filing your report in your Medical Record.

The electrocardiogram (ECG) is the graphical reproduction of electrical activity of the heart during its operation, recorded from the surface of the body. The Holter Pressure Index is a tool that enables dynamic monitoring of blood pressure for a prolonged period of time, allowing a comparison of values throughout the day and night.

Cardiac Holter electrocardiogram or full dynamic Holter is a painless and non-invasive test that allows to record 24 hours 24 the electrical activity of the heart. It 'an important tool in the study of all the arrhythmias and symptoms such as palpitations, dizziness, loss of consciousness. Sometimes it is also useful in the conditions of a defective blood supply to the heart (ischemia) or chest of nature didolore to define. The cardiac holter is carried out through an apparatus that records for at least 24 hours, the electrical activity of the heart. They are applied to the chest some portable appliance connected electrodes (a small tape recorder with battery), that the patient will wear for the predetermined period by the doctor, by day and by night, so as to continuously record, and during normal daily activities lespletamento , his electrocardiogram. At the end will come again witnessed pee home making the device which contains your data that your doctor will analyze to determine a diagnosis and study any heart disease. cardiac Nell'holter, the detection of the electrical activity of the heart can last from 24 hours to an entire week.

Holter heart of preparation Standards During cardiac holter recording the patient should perform his daily activities without limitation, placing only by the fact that platelets do not become detached from the skin to excessive movement. If you feel undisturbo, this can be signaled by pressing a button and stored by the device. The elettricimemorizzati signals are processed by an external device when the recorder is disconnected from the patient.

Central Telecardiology presidiaedata by trained cardiologists, specialists; Reporting Service and cardiology consult in real time; Enter the path, and the diagnostic report digitally signed by the cardiologist, with real-time viewing on the Internet reported out paths through restricted access and encryption; ECG medical reports with online advice cardiology; Additional medical reports with monthly consumption payment and related reports.

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