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Cinzia Picciolo

Other Professions

Lang: Inglese

Kitanand Beeputh

Other Professions

Lang: Inglese, Francese

Ancilla Artusi

Other Professions

Lang: Inglese

Lucia Di Sciuva

Other Professions

Lang: Italiano, Inglese

Pietro De Chiara

Other Professions

Lang: Inglese, Francese

Michele BURRO

Other Professions

Lang: Italiano

Solei Romanciuc

Other Professions

Lang: rumeno - lingua madre italiano - fluente russo - fluente inglese - intermedio spagnolo , francese - mediocre


Pharmamedic-iCashweb Partnership

iCashweb  is an endogenous blockchain currency, that circulates within a system where it is exchanged for transactions that are within the same s...

iCASHWEB-PHARMAMEDIC Healthcare Eco-system.

Economist Nino Galloni co-funder of this Ecosystem iCashweb  is an endogenous blockchain currency, that circulates within a system where it is ex...


Do you want to know healthy ways to avoid the deadly disease called Cancer?  You are at the right place that will provide you with details of pre...

Sweet and sour chicken with mushroom cream an...

Hi, I am Nonna Cannabis “The Italian granny who cooks with herbs”. Today I am going to teach you how to prepare a delicious bittersweet ch...

Health and Fitness controlled by sensors

It is currently a reality to monitor the heart rate without affecting the daily routine of people. Body sensors will gain space and reliability in the...

Retinitis pigmentosa

Retinitis pigmentosa is a disease of the retina that produces a progressive loss of vision that can cause blindness. Generally the affectation is bila...

How do inactivated vaccines work? COVID-19

Inactivated vaccines use a pathogen that has been modified so that it cannot replicate to stimulate our immune system. They are safe because they cann...

COVID-19: Gut bacteria may influence severity

A recent study investigated links between the gut microbiome and COVID-19.The authors conclude that an individual’s gut microbiome may affect how th...

COVID-19 e Natale: come festeggiare in sicure...

Le vacanze invernali sono alle porte, ma quest’anno la pandemia ha reso le riunioni di famiglia più difficili e potenzialmente pericolose. ...

COVID-19 and Christmas: How to celebrate safe...

The winter holidays are upon us, but this year, the pandemic has made family gatherings more difficult and potentially unsafe. How can we celebrate wi...