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Home clinic


The Pharmamedic Pharmacological Home Care is already a significant reality and takes on an increasingly important role, both in view of the reduction of hospital admissions and in residential facilities, and in relation to the increase in chronic illnesses. One's home is a safe and comfortable place, a privileged place where one feels at ease even in situations of difficulty and suffering, where one can escape from that inevitable sense of abandonment and loneliness that assails us at many structures sanitary or territorial hospitalization.

We must also find that some types of patients are reluctant to receive home care because they live it as a limitation to their self-determination, personal autonomy both physical and mental and as a renunciation of maintenance of their daily life habits. This behavior often leads to a state of discomfort and worry in the family which, while recognizing a discrete autonomy of its joint, feels that there is a real need to provide the latter with a support for better organization and management of everyday life. In the case of incomplete self-sufficiency, being able to be assisted and followed at home is a value to be promoted by all means, which stimulates the recovery of autonomy, significantly improving the quality of life.

The Pharmamedic Pharmacological Home Care provides also a remote assistance and teleassistance service that has the primary objective of ensuring vigilance and active listening of the user not only self-sufficient or with a health defect only partially defective, monitoring and assisting him constantly in the twenty-four hours, giving timely answers to his daily needs or in any emergency situations. This is possible thanks to the new computer technologies that are able, through the 24/7 Operating Center, to create a direct telephone connection between the user's home and one and a qualified Pharmamedic operator who provides real-time answers to requests received from users. The client will be put in such a position to communicate his needs simply by calling the number 800 41 26 40 or by pressing a specific button on the App downloaded on your mobile or from any portable terminal supplied by Pharmamedic, thus coming into contact with the nearest professional. The latter, assessed the user's need, will intervene by providing direct assistance or by contacting the relatives to plan with them access to the client's home or by activating the public offices dedicated to the health or social emergency.

The Pharmamedic Remote Assistance, moreover, through telephone contacts according to weekly schedules programmed in number appropriate to the achievement of the care goal, promotes psychological support for those users suffering from greater social hardship (loneliness, isolation, etc.) or limited emotional and emotional support family (caused by work commitments or remoteness from the place of residence of the relative). Soon the use of new technologies applied to the social and health procedures provided for home care, will allow all users to take advantage of social organizations or Teleconferencing and Security Systems, able to ensure 24 hours a day every day of the year a constant point of reference to be relied upon in times of need and, and to family members, to receive emotional support and operational support in the care and management of their loved ones.